Hello, I'm Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Balaji, a great vedic astrologer, expert in providing astro remedies related to planetary discord in one’s life. As we all know that planetary positions affect our lives tremendously, I specialize in studying these positions and their adverse effects on individuals and thus providing suitable astro remedies to resolve the problems. The remedies suggested by me are often very simple, which anyone can easily follow.


I am also a famous Indian astrologer providing free gemstone information to people.

I can make your life turn better, happier and more prosperous by recommending your birth stones, or some other gemstones which will be quite auspicious for you. Be it relationship, business, finance, personal, social or psychological problem, I have a gem of a solution for you.

Many important VIPs are known to have followed my advice and tasted the cup of victory as a result. Many big names from the field of sports, business world, bollywood and politics regularly consult me for astrology.